Hungriest worms from Roi Et - Thailand!


About us:

We started breeding compost worms in 2004 with a few kg of African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus eugeniae); and red wrigglers or tiger worms (Eisenia fetida). We also had some Indian Blue worms but have since given up on these.

From this original stock we now have countless thousands of worms. Our worms have only two jobs: to multiply and to produce Wormcast, nature’s own organic fertilizer and plant nutrient. This we then bag for you to use on your plants and garden.

We breed our worms at our farm PENN WORM FARM which is on the outskirts of Roi Et city in North East Thailand.

Wormcast we send by ordinary post in 5kg bags, although if larger quantities are required we can send by transport company. Worms we can only send where there are direct bus connections because sending by post is not possible. However, in the near future we expect to be able to supply egg cocoons, which can be safely sent by post.

We also welcome visitors to our farm who wish to come and collect their own wormcast or worms.