Hungriest worms from Roi Et - Thailand!



Because of the problems of exporting live animals and soils we can only sell within Thailand. Wormcast we will deliver to any destination in Thailand, either by post, or for large quantities by transport company.


However, because Thai Post will not accept live animals for delivery we cannot take the risk of worms dying in the post as a result of sending unmarked packages over which we have no control. Therefore we can only send worms to destinations served by direct buses from Roi Et. In such cases purchasers will need to be able to collect their orders from their local bus station.


We will also be delighted to receive visitors to our worm farm in Roi Et who wish to purchase worms or wormcast at source at discounted prices and/or in bulk. Please contact us in advance to arrange a suitable time to visit.





We pack our Wormcast in 5kg bags which we send to any destination in Thailand by post. Our price is 300 Baht per bag which includes for delivery. Larger quantities can be delivered by transport company at 40 Baht per kg plus transport costs, which will be dependent upon destination. Please check with us first for prices.





We sell Worms: a mixture of our two compost worms costs Baht 1,250 per kg including delivery.



How To Order:


To order please contact us (using the Contact Form on the Contact Us tab) with your requirements and we shall email you with details of how to pay.