Hungriest worms from Roi Et - Thailand!

Worm Farm



What is Wormcast:


Wormcast is produced by the feeding action of earthworms. As worms digest organic matter they break it down and grind it into a fine peat like material, having the appearance and texture of used coffee grounds with high porosity, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity - this is Wormcast.
This is true of any earthworm, but your average earthworm is a slow eater so we use particularly hungry compost worms who produce much larger quantities of wormcast.


The Benefits of Wormcast:

Wormcast is packed with beneficial micro organisms – just what your plants want! When small amounts of Wormcast are mixed with growing media, i.e. compost or soil in as little as 1 part Wormcast to 4 parts growing media, the goodness of Wormcast, both immediate and long term, will be released.

Wormcast contains huge quantities of friendly micro organisms that, when applied to the soil or compost, create an oasis for maximising microbial activity. This activity is responsible for decomposing organic matter, transforming it into essential plant nutrients, growth regulators and humus.

Everything from seeds to mature trees need the plant growth regulators and hormones which are present in all plants to ensure that they grow. In the process of digesting organic matter, bacteria in the worm's digestive system produce additional plant growth regulators and hormones that are responsible for triggering plant cells to expand and divide. There are up to 10,000 times more of these in Wormcast than in ordinary compost.

Wormcast naturally contains a perfect balance between organic matter and air space. It is this precise balance that allows delicate plant roots to penetrate easily when foraging for nutrients and water. The more roots a plant possesses the more food and water it can gather and the healthier it will be.