Hungriest worms from Roi Et - Thailand!

Worm Castings Tea


Worm castings tea is an extraction into liquid form of the beneficial elements of Wormcast. This can be used as a folia spray or a soil drench.


We produce worm castings tea by putting “tea bags” of Wormcast into water through which we bubble air for 24 – 36 hours to activate and the microbes and provide an abundance of oxygen to feed them. We also add nutrients such as molasses or humic acids depending on the intended use of the worm castings tea.


Worm castings tea suppresses disease and pests on vegetation and will boost the crucial microbial activity known as the Soil Food Web (SFW) which is so crucial to organic soils. Worm castings tea sprayed on the surface of leaves will coat the leaves with millions of microbes all competing for a food source. The end result is that there are not enough resources for the harmful molds and fungi to flourish. Spraying also coats the leaves with a protective surface that protects the leaf cells from attack by foreign spores or airborne microbes. By drenching the soil with worm castings tea, microbes break down nutrients for uptake into plants thereby increasing plant health and the plant’s own disease resistance/suppression. Finally, worm castings tea will repel many types of flies, insects mites and other undesirable parasites.


Worm castings tea needs to be used within 24 hours of brewing, otherwise the full benefits of the stimulated microbes will not be achieved. For this reason we do not offer to sell worm castings tea by post. However, we will produce worm castings tea for personal collection from our Worm Farm in quantities of up to 500 litres and if 48 hours notice is given.


Our price for worm casting tea is Baht 15 per litre, payable on collection.