Hungriest worms from Roi Et - Thailand!

How to use wormcast:


Wormcast is suitable for use with all house, garden, balcony and greenhouse plants. Wormcast can be used as a pre-planting treatment to aid faster germination and establishment. Its use can improve flower size, bloom quality and colour and increase fruit, vegetable and salad yields by as much as 40%


We recommend that for potting or planting a mix of 4 parts soil or compost with 1 part Wormcast is ideal.


For Top Dressing

For top dressing – broadcast 1kg per sq.m. and lightly hoe or water in. For poor or deprived soils this spread rate may need to be adjusted for best results.

Seed Germination

Seed germination - mixing Wormcast with your preferred sowing media such as peat or a specialist mix will accelerate seed germination. For keen kitchen gardeners, faster germination provides earlier cropping and therefore the opportunity to maximise soil use.

Pots, tubs & hanging baskets

Pots, tubs & hanging baskets - mix Wormcast with soil or compost when preparing for planting. A single application of Wormcast is normally adequate for a whole growing season (based on the addition of 20%) A single dressing should be enough to promote the growth of house plants over a flowering season. Wormcast can also be used to re-invigorate ‘tired’ plants. Simply add a handful of Wormcast to the top of the plant pot and then mix in so that it is under the soil surface. Water in to start releasing the benefits.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care - The application of Wormcast to soil before laying turf or sowing grass seed will stimulate germination and rapid root development. The rich organic worm casts and increased microbial activity increases the speed of establishment. The application of Wormcast to soil before turfing or sowing grass seed will aid faster establishment and stimulate rapid root development. For established lawns or those in need of ‘pick-me-up’, broadcast 1kg per sq.m. and water in.